WP Story 01

The history of WP and its archive as told by Samutaro 

An archive of nearly 80,000 pieces is a dream come true for a consultant and fashion enthusiast.
Samuel Trotman, better known as Samutaro, was invited to Bologna to bask in the spaces where the garments, objects and accessories selected over forty years of continuous research around the world are housed. A journey into the past, but also into the present and the future, remaining faithful to the values and insights that have always characterized WP.

“The concept of research is intrinsic to WP’s name, the idea of being perpetually ‘in progress’: always on the lookout for new ideas, new inspirations and new brands from around the world.”

“WP’s was a truly revolutionary approach for the time, thanks to its ability to discover and import these brands from their travels around the globe. Most young Italians and Europeans at that time had not even heard of these brands – imagine their amazement at seeing them all side by side in one space.”

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