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Baracuta: the history of an icon Made in UK

Who can be more entitled to discuss the iconic British brand than English creative consultant Gary Aspden and legendary designer Daiki Suzuki? Together with them, we travelled all back to a golf club in Manchester to witness the birth of an Icon, the G9 Harrington Jacket. A piece that has reached every corner of the world, captivating celebrities and subcultures. The stories of Baracuta and WP intersect in 2012. Together they managed to innovate the brand with deep respect for its heritage.

"There are certain brands who make certain products that have that weight and gravitas to be able to appeal to generation after generation. This jacket was designed in 1937 and here we are talking about it in 2022." Gary Aspden

"Baracuta used to be just an outerwear company. What WP did, with Barcauta, it has changed it into lifestyle brand." Daiki Suzuki

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