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Spiewak: high-quality reliable products since 1904

Spiewak's adventure begins in 1904 in a one-room loft in Williamsburg where Isaac Spiewak, a native of Warsaw, started his company selling goatskin jackets. Since then, the story of the brand grew in step with America’s own story: in 1947, after World War II, the company started to produce civilian uniforms and soon became iconic. The family kept the license for the production of the workwear collection for the US market, while WP - distributor of the brand since 1996 - took over the brand in 2011. Today Spiewak's legacy of quality and innovation is also devoted to the creation of everyday wear, thanks to WP and NY-based creative director Aaron Levine. We met Roy Spiewak and Aaron to discuss heritage, innovation and the long-lasting success of this iconic American brand rooted in industrial workwear. And we went through sixty years of American history with Jerry Spiewak, former Chairman of the Board of I. Spiewak & Sons.

"The Spiewak family was responsible in preserving a lot of its material as the company ages. It was a particular effort to create the archives of the family history, both in terms of how the company developed, how the product itself developed, keeping all the samples of garments from many years ago, together with catalogues. And all of those archives now reside in Bologna with WP." Roy Spiewak

"First time I came in here I was overwhelmed. An archive like this, with people that are here at WP, with a brand like Spiewak that has this deep and rich heritage, that's rare. Working with a brand rooted in history, rooted in "form following function", rooted in workwear and reinterpreting it and evolving that product is awesome". Aaron Levine

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