B.D. Baggies

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B.D. Baggies: a chunk of American history

New York-based creative consultant Chris Corrado explains the origins (and legend) behind the heritage American brand B.D. Baggies, renowned for its shirts’ lived-in look and relaxed fit. Durable and timeless, the B.D. Baggies shirts are an important part of WP's portfolio since 1989.

"A guy by the name of Matt Cotilo tapped into a legend of a gentleman named Bradford Dexter Bagg who had supposedly discovered this trunk of old shirts that his father had owned back in the early 20th century, I think in 1919. He was a student at Oxford University and started wearing these like super casual, broken in American style shirts, which kind of ran counter to the culture of Oxford"

"I want to work on things that have the power to last. I want to work on things that can have meaning for a very, very long time. I think WP having existed for 40 years and done it at such an incredible level, is really inspiring. B.D. Baggies is part of that."

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