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Blundstone: from Australia to us

Adam Blake and Nik Jackson, CEO and Chief Brand Officer at Blundstone, take us all the way to Hobart, Tasmania, where the history of the iconic elastic-sided boots began back in 1870. Since then, the brand has come a long way, also thanks to its long-lasting partnership with WP, started in 1997, moving from a manufacturer of boots for workers to a lifestyle icon loved by everyone.

“The partnership between WP and Blundstone has taught us a lot about ourselves and how our brand is perceived around the world. It took us from thinking of ourselves purely as a product-based business, particularly for work, to a lifestyle brand.” Adam Blake

“It's really inspiring to be in the WP archive in Bologna and to see the number of colours, styles, and brands, all being housed under one roof. This place is such a rich and beautiful curation of products, but it also serves to remind us and inspire us about the things we can do in the future.” Nik Jackson

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